Ask anyone what’s needed to build muscle and they’ll tell you: ‘Exercise and Diet’, but what exercise is right for you? What type of diet will boost your overall health while helping you to build muscle? Are you going to spend a fortune at the gym and the grocery store?

The Renegade Guy offers you some surprising answers to these questions and everything you need to get the muscle development you always craved!


Yes, yes… you tried that. You even had a personal trainer. It didn’t work. Have you ever wondered why?

The Amazing Truth About Muscle Building

The Renegade GuyFire your trainer (if you haven’t done so already). He’s using outdated, generic ideas and he’s probably wondering why it isn’t working while telling you to ‘work harder’. What you need is a workout program that’s right for you. Not all of us are able to pile on muscle by over-working each muscle group once a week. It works for some of us, but what about the rest of us? Besides, who really likes those painful days that follow each workout. Is straining your body to this degree really healthy?

What if you do lighter exercise more often? Could that be the missing ‘Aha’ moment that’s been lacking so far? Professional health and fitness expert Jason Ferruggia says that a new approach to training is the missing link that’s been holding you back. Forget about hitting the gym and loading each machine until both it and you groans with the effort. Forget about days of aching muscles and post-workout fatigue. What you need is a less stressful workout that allows you a faster recovery time so that each muscle group gets trained more frequently.

You don’t even need a gym membership: body-weight training allows your muscles to exercise their full range of movement – something that no machine allows – and far from spending hours on your workout every day, all you need is three to four 45 minute workouts a week. Ferruggia is living proof that his system works.

Jason FerruggiaHe freely admits that he is a ‘naturally skinny guy’ and that he spent years training without seeing the results he was aiming for. Then he became a ‘Renegade’ and suddenly, the results of his training were not only measurable, but spectacular.

It’s easy to access his training secrets. Ferruggia shares all his knowledge and experience in the revolutionary E-book ‘Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0.

Why Skinny Guys Struggle to Bulk Up

Everybody has a different body composition, but you will probably find that you fall into one of three broad categories: the muscle gaining, fat gaining endomorph, the ‘normal’ mesomorph and the skinny ectomorph. The first of these body types gains muscle as easily as he gains fat, the mesomorph struggles a bit more, but gets there and the ectomorph can use traditional bulking up methods for years without much of a result.

The problem is not your body type. The problem is that most exercise programs are designed for the ‘easy gainers’. Most of us need a different approach to training and conventional wisdom simply doesn’t offer that. You probably shouldn’t be working each group of muscles until it screams in agony. You probably shouldn’t be tolerating those stiff and aching post training days.

Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 gives you the workouts most trainers wouldn’t even consider – but it also gives you the results that would make your trainer ask what the heck you’ve been up to. No more excruciating pain, no more days of being barely able to move, just steady, measurable improvement from month to month.

The reason you’ve been struggling to bulk up is because you’ve been using generic training programs that don’t accommodate your somatotype. Dump them. Become a renegade.

Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0

For once, a fitness book has a title that reflects the truth in every way. You will learn some secrets and you will build muscle. Get rid of all the conflicting advice from gyms and men’s magazines and get the skinny on building lean muscle mass. Don’t just take our word for it, see what ordinary people are saying about ‘Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0’.

Cancel your gym membership and start working out in the comfort of your own home using your own body mass as the perfect weight for your exercise program. You’ll get detailed diagrams and a variety of workouts that won’t get boring. Your body also likes the element of surprise offered by a constantly changing workout – and gives you its best in return!

It’s easy too: just download the book right here and get ripped. If you don’t see results in 60 days, Ferruggia returns your payment. Obviously, he’s not worried: he knows it’s going to work, but you like having the extra assurance, don’t you?

Muscle Gaining Secrets ReviewDiet

‘It’s almost as bad as the exercise program!’ you exclaim. ‘Most muscle building diets expect me to live in my kitchen (when I’m not in the gym) and eat like a pig!’

Relax. You don’t have to live in your kitchen. The Renegade Diet acknowledges just how busy you are and if you get the Renegade Recipe Guide, you’ll get a huge range of delicious goodies that don’t take long to prepare.

Do You Really Need All That Protein?The Renegade Diet

Yes, you do. Take it like a man – but who says you need to eat a million eggs a day or slay the fatted calf every time you want to boost your training results? Ferruggia found that eating a high protein vegetarian diet left him feeling energized and actually enhanced the muscle building effects of the training program. He doesn’t say that you should avoid all meat or fish, so all those dedicated meat-eaters can stop pulling faces and saying ‘Eeeyew’!

Get Jason’s ‘Renegade Diet’ and see what all the fuss is about – and get some quick, easy recipes for everything from high protein shakes to high protein Oatmeal pancakes. There’s no need to say ‘Goodbye Pizza’ or ‘Farewell chocolate desserts’ just make them from wholesome, natural ingredients, pack them with plant based proteins and use superfoods to become a superman. All the recipes are quick and easy and the diet plan is practical enough to follow, even if you have a busy schedule.

Can Muscle Building Diets Be Good For Your Overall Health?

We’ve all seen muscle building diets that raise an eyebrow: ‘What’s that doing to my cholesterol levels?’ and ‘HOW many eggs?’ are reactions you might be familiar with, but far from offering you over-the-top diet advice that might put strain on your cardiovascular system, kidneys and liver, Ferruggia offers sound nutritional advice.

Yes, his diet will help you to pile on lean muscle, it also won’t make you fat or strain your system in any way. Jason recommends a focus on raw foods (making a point of excluding lamb chops from the ‘raw’ rule) and encourages you to avoid processed foods that are packed with hidden sugar, preservatives and toxins.

Natural eating needn’t be boring, and if you’re short on ideas, his Recipe Guide will help you along. Ferruggia isn’t some academic with a ‘Do as I tell you, not as I do’ attitude. He’s tested all his ideas on himself and his fame in the fitness industry as well as his powerful physique are testimony to the soundness of his ideas. It’s common-sense, not rocket science, but nowadays, we need to be reminded as to what ‘common-sense’ eating really consists of.

Who’s Got Time to Diet Anyway?

Maybe your personal trainer has given you an ‘eating plan’ and maybe you told him that it isn’t going to happen. Who’s got time for grilling fish at lunch time – even supposing you’re anywhere near a grilling facility during your all too rushed lunch hour. Are you really going to eat a six-egg omelet for breakfast? Most of us feel queasy at the thought and most of us get up as late as we can in order to squeeze in a morning groom and a rush to the office.

People who prescribe these diets should get real, and Jason has got real. It’s practical, you can plan in advance and you won’t be raiding the deli for unobtainable oddities. You do have time for the diet, and Jason knows you’re going to ‘cheat’. His only comment on that is that you shouldn’t cheat too often!

The Renegade Diet Review

Why Should You Try Intermittent Fasting?

If you’ve been following the latest information on eating versus fasting, you may feel that you’ve come up with two conflicting pieces of information. The first says that fasting is bad for you, slows down the metabolism and promotes fat storage. The second says that fasting for two days of the week actually boosts your metabolism, promotes fat loss and is really good for you. Which is right?

Build MuscleThe important thing to remember is that intermittent fasting is not the same as prolonged fasting. Our caveman ancestors often spent a day or two without food living in a permanent flux between feast and famine. It wasn’t bad for them and modern doctors know that it actually prolonged their lives.

Starving yourself for days on end, on the other hand, is commonly termed as a ‘bad idea’. It remains a bad idea. Don’t do it!

Research has shown that 14 – 16 hours of fasting pushes your body into fat burning mode. Does that sound difficult? You can include a night’s sleep into the equation. Supposing you dine at seven or eight in the evening- that means you only have to hold out till 10 or 12 the next day – as long as you’re not eating 5 – 6 meals a day (based on your trainer’s advice) it shouldn’t be difficult to get into. If you’re a frequent feeder, you might need to take a run-up to it.

Read more about intermittent fasting as a fat loss, muscle gaining tool in ‘The Renegade Diet’ and add it to your secret arsenal of Renegade muscle building tips!

Intermittent Fasting