Ectomorph Muscle Gain – Bulking Tips for the Genetically Cursed

If you’re a skinny guy you might be wondering what is ‘wrong’ with you. You don’t seem to be able to gain weight, particularly the weight you’d love to gain: muscle! You might have been going to gym faithfully and working out till you’re ready to drop, but you still stay skinny. What gives?

Ectomorph Muscle GainIt’s simply a matter of body type. You’re an ectomorph and your genetic composition (somatotype) predisposes you to a light build and an almost delicate seeming bone structure. Endomorphs gain muscle as easily as they gain fat and mesomorphs also have bodies that gain muscle more easily than the genetically skinny. Does that mean that ectomorphs gaining muscle is a mythical occurrence? Well, if you follow conventional wisdom that may be the case, but fitness personality Jason Ferruggia says that ‘conventional wisdom’ rather than your body type is the problem.

Muscle gain for ectomorphs needs to be approached in a different way to that used for ‘normal’ mesomorphs or stocky endomorphs. Whilst everyone else works each muscle group on a weekly basis, the ectomorphs need to work those muscles more often. As a result, a less strenuous approach that allows for faster recovery is the answer. That means that ectomorph muscle gain is also accompanied by less fatigue and pain but can happen just as fast if the correct type of workout is followed.

The truth is that even the type of exercise program that is followed by those blessed with an ability to bulk up easily are pretty out of date. These exercise programs over-strain the muscles and nervous system and leave one in a state of perpetual physical stress.

If you think that just grabbing an exercise routine that works for bodybuilders is going to work for you, think again. Bodybuilders aren’t the healthiest of people. A lot of them use dangerous drugs in order to promote muscle gain and at the end of the day, it’s all about size rather than health. Over-stressing the body through over-the-top workout routines will affect your health negatively rather than positively, so a gentler approach makes much more sense.

Gaining Muscle for Ectomorphs

That might almost as well be the title for the cornily named but extremely useful pdf e-book ‘Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0. Up till now, there hasn’t been any useful resource for ectomorphs to turn to. They’ve just had to put up with ‘one size fits all’ information that simply isn’t right for them. Given the limited usefulness of conventional programs, it’s a good idea to download the e-book and try the much-endorsed program. It certainly seems to be one of a kind in its field.

Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0

At the same time, there’s nothing all that revolutionary about it. It’s just a combination of good sense and experience distilled into some excellent exercise and dietary advice that really works even if you’re not an easy gainer.

You may be thinking that nobody’s going to have the time for the kind of exercise routine that will promote muscle gain even in hard gainers, but that’s far from the truth. Feruggia’s program is beautiful in its simplicity and doesn’t even require you to join a gym in order to gain access to all their equipment. These days, the move is towards body weight training and Feruggia takes advantage of exercises that you can do at home. There’s no need to buy expensive equipment and all you need is 45 minutes three to four times a week in order to achieve your goal. If you can fit in four exercise sessions, you’ll see results more quickly, but three sessions a week are also adequate.

How About Diets and Supplements?

An ectomorph muscle gain diet might not look quite as you would expect it to. The reason for this is the need to focus on high nutrient super-foods and since lots of these are plant-based, you’re going to end up eating your veggies so that you can grow big and strong just as your mum always said you should!

YBuilding Muscle for Ectomorphsou’ll avoid straining your digestive system with heavy loads of protein such as the old fashioned six egg white omelette. Instead, you’ll be eating loads of ‘whole food’ that not only boosts your ability to build muscle but that’s also downright good for you. Luckily, healthy eating in order to gain muscle doesn’t have to be boring! Most supplements are expensive time-wasters, but building muscle for ectomorphs is certainly a process that’s enhanced by eating the right foods.

Jason Ferruggia, the author of the exercise and diet plan is a naturally skinny guy himself and his dietary experiments have given rise to a plan that leaves him feeling energized thanks to enhanced health and wellness. Having more energy means that he can train harder without becoming exhausted and it also helps to reduce the recovery time needed between workouts. As an ectomorph, you’ll find that combining the right workout with the right diet helps you to achieve results far more quickly than you ever thought possible.

A lot of muscle gain diets are impractical since they would mean spending a great deal of time preparing food. Most of us are too busy to prepare the four to five meals a day we’re supposed to be eating, but Ferruggia’s Renegade Recipe Guide will give you quick and easy recipes that allow you to whip up a meal in minutes. You won’t have to do without the pastas, pizzas and sweet treats you love either. There are some great recipes for all three of these ‘vices’ and they’re completely guilt free because they’re actually good for you.Gaining Muscle for Ectomorphs

If you’re sold on supplements, Ferruggia provides a guide that will help you to judge whether a supplement is good or bad, but his philosophy is that you don’t really need them anyway. Eating the right amount of good, healthy foods eliminates the need for any supplements. It’s a great way of enhancing your body by working with nature to obtain the optimum nutrition to match your exercise routine and enhance your results.

In a Nutshell

Fitness pros might secretly have been wondering how to build muscle for ectomorphs. Although they might be telling ectomorph clients that they should be working harder in order to get results, they will have seen a much quicker improvement in other clients using the same kind of exercise regimen. The answers are surprisingly simple. A workout routine for naturally skinny guys will differ from the workouts that normal and stocky guys use. It will mean training each muscle group more lightly but also more regularly and the right diet will enhance the overall effect.

Just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean that it should take forever to gain the lean muscle mass you’ve been longing for. 60 days on a workout program that’s meant for an ectomorph body type combined with healthy eating should make a difference and if you keep on going you could pile on pounds of lean muscle just like you always wanted to. You may have been working out for years without achieving the results you want, but you don’t have to work any harder. In fact, it may be that you have been working too hard on an exercise plan that simply isn’t right for you.

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