Tips on How to Bulk up for Skinny Guys – Release Your Inner Beast!

If you’re a genuine ‘skinny guy’ you can work out for years without developing the muscle mass you dream of. Your trainer might say that you’re not trying hard enough, but is that true? Just how hard beyond the ‘point of failure’ does he want you to train? Can one even train harder than that? Point of failure is just what it says it is: are you supposed to train to the point where you collapse? You’ve been working hard, but you’re just not getting the results. You may be thinking that it isn’t going to happen no matter what you do!

If you’re identifying with all this, you’re probably a genetically skinny guy. Not all of us are blessed with the genes that make it easy to bulk up. Your body type may be that of the classic ectomorph who doesn’t get fat easily, but who also battles to gain muscle even when super-fit. The point is, most traditional workout routines are aimed at the guys who easily gain muscle. Some guys seem to start getting bulging muscles from doing exactly the same exercise program you’ve been working on without success. For some, it seems to be as easy as ‘one, two, three’. If this isn’t you, then the workout is wrong for your body. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Should you just give up? Categorically no! You definitely have the potential to build muscle, you just need to try something that’s suited to your body-type.

How Can a Skinny Guy Bulk Up?

How to Bulk up for Skinny GuysIt’s just a matter of tying a different approach to the same old grind that most fitness pros recommend. The logic is good and the results can be spectacular. Instead of working each muscle group once a week until it trembles with fatigue and needs days filled with aches and pains to recover, a less strenuous workout that allows you to work the muscles more frequently might very well be the answer. You might be spending a fortune on a personal trainer who just isn’t giving you the results you were hoping for. Fire him.

Jason Ferruggia, one of the most famous fitness personalities in the world, has pioneered a system that could do the trick for you. Buy Jason’s book and become your own fitness guru whilst saving yourself a lot of expense and frustration.

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It’s easy and you don’t have to commit to hours of exercise every day. Bulking up for skinny guys has become a reality. Sure, you’ve seen the ads for supplements that say you’ll go from skinny to bodybuilder if you buy XYZ expensive supplement, but Jay isn’t relying on supplements. It’s a workout program, pure and simple. You can combine it with Ferruggia’s diet tips, though. It isn’t absolutely necessary, but your results will be enhanced, you’ll feel more energetic and the food is delicious. Check out the ‘Renegade Recipe Guide’ if you’d like to find out more.

How to Gain Weight and Muscle Fast for Skinny Guys

Gaining Muscle for EctomorphsIt’s really very simple, it doesn’t cost you a fortune and you don’t have to spend all day every day at the gym. 45 minutes four times a week is all you need in order to follow the full exercise program. You can even bulk up with three 45 minutes sessions per week. It will take a little bit longer, but the exercise program will still do the trick. If you’re really dedicated, you can also try combining it with Ferruggia’s eating plan. The fact is, the eating plan would probably help but ‘Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0’ works very well on its own. Chances are, you’ll see a noticeable difference in as little as two months of following the exercise program.

Bulking for skinny guys has always been treated in the same way as bulking for anyone else and that’s the big mistake the fitness industry has been making for all these years. You need a totally different approach to exercise and Ferruggia freely admits that he was a skinny guy too. He really struggled to bulk up muscle until he discovered and self-tested his exercise philosophy.

The fact that Ferruggia has managed to bulk up using his own program should be proof positive for skinny guys. Ferruggia is an ectomorph or ‘naturally skinny’ guy. He really struggled to gain muscle despite having all the knowledge that most fitness professionals subscribe to, so he tried something different and found that it really worked. Those who have tried applying his approach to exercise are giving it rave reviews. You get quick results too: Jason says you should see a difference within just eight weeks. Now that’s enough to keep one motivated until the eight weeks are over and thereafter, the stunning results you’ve achieved should keep you going until you’ve achieved the build you were aiming for.

#1. Not getting results with your trainer? Fire him!
#2. Stop doing traditional work-outs aimed at ‘easy-gainers’.
#3. Exercise for 45mins – 4 days a week.
#4. Get Muscle Gaining Secrets for the right workouts.
#5. Follow a solid eating plan.
#6. Get Ripped!

More Good News!

Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0The workouts you need to do won’t take you to that awful, muscle-straining, veins-bulging ‘point of failure’ that most trainers are so fond of. The whole point is not to strain the body too much and that means less fatigue, less muscle aches that last for days after each workout and quicker recovery that helps you to train each muscle group more frequently.

Unfortunately, most workouts that you already know aren’t designed in this way, so it’s probably best to take a peek at the revolutionary exercise plan that’s behind it all. Luckily, you can download it for a nominal fee. That’s all it’s going to cost you. You don’t need to belong to a gym in order to follow the exercise plan. Using body weight training in order to build muscle really works and these days, personal trainers who are alert to fitness trends recommend it above free weights or bulky machines.

You even get a workout log that will help you to track your progress. The program runs in phases or cycles of 12 weeks at a time. Then you get a bit of a break to prevent over-training. That means that you won’t as easily get stuck on a ‘plateau’ where you’re working hard with nothing to show for it for months on end.

All in all ‘Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0’ offers a sensible approach to health and fitness that should give your physique the kick-start it needs without making you feel like you’ve been run over by a herd of elephants! Skinny guys really can realize their full potential: all they need is the right workout plan.

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